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Battery Test


Plus Save $20 on purchase of battery with installation

Starling Ford

Front or Rear Brake Pads

10% Off

Replace front or rear pads,Inspect discs, calipers, lines, hoses, cylinders, and master cylinder

Starling Ford

Oil Change

$10 Off

With Multi-Point Inspection

Starling Ford

Wild Card

Savings Up To
Starling Ford

Four Wheel Alignment

$20 Off

Alignments are crucial to ensuring that you get the longest life out of your tires.

Starling Ford

Tire Balance & Rotation

$20 Off

Properly balanced & rotated tires can improve tire life, gas mileage, ride comfort and uniform wear. Our Trained Technicians will balance, rotate and inflate all 4 tires.

Starling Ford

All Accessories

15% Off
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